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About Us

About Us

Antrim Glens Tourism provides a forum and support network for tourism providers across the nine Glens of Antrim and surrounding Gateways to the Glens area interested in working together to promote the Glens of Antrim as a tourist destination, to maximise their product potential and to help support promotion of the Causeway Coastal Route.

By working in partnership to develop exciting and compelling visitor experiences, local tourism providers can significantly help maximise the tourism potential of the Glens of Antrim as a key experience location along the Causeway Coastal Route.

Antrim Glens Tourism operates as an association with a small committee of unpaid volunteers elected from amongst our members including a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Our Aims

We aim to increase visitor numbers, spend and length of stay in the Glens of Antrim by proactively:

  • Raising awareness of the Glens of Antrim as a tourist destination.
  • Promoting local experiences for tourists and visitors to the area.
  • Maximising local product potential through networking and partnership working.
  • Helping support promotion of the Causeway Coastal Route.
  • Developing a strong brand experience for The Glens of Antrim as the cultural heart of the Causeway Coastal Route.

Our Focus

  • Helping local businesses develop their tourism potential.
  • Facilitation of partnership working and joint initiatives.
  • Enhancement of individual business performance through collective promotion and activity.
  • Accessing finance, training and support for local tourism business initiatives.
  • Hosting and supporting local events and festivals to attract visitors and enhance visitor experience.
  • Ensuring that the Glens area is well-represented within the overall tourism strategy for the wider area.
  • Providing a collective voice for┬áthe views and interests of the local tourism and hospitality providers.